Graphic Design Services

Print Design Samples

Promoting Your Company
with Skill.

The collateral we design is crafted to competently represent your business.

We have years of experience creating business cards, brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, flyers, posters, retail displays and ads that work.

Your Business Materials,

We see each project through to completion.

Finals are delivered press ready. We also work closely with reputable printing firms to ensure your materials meet the highest production standards.
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Print Design

Web Design Samples

Current, relevant web design and development

Web technologies and design trends change daily - we design with current AND future needs in mind.

Our focus is the effect your site has on your visitors and the User Experience, pulling you ahead of the competition.

Sites that

Form and function
are not mutually exclusive.

Our process ensures your site accomplishes the goals you set out for it, both design-wise and from a technological standpoint.
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Website Design

Logo Design Samples

Clear Business Concepts,

Designing an effective logo is one of the most important steps in creating a visual brand for your business.

Our logo design process is simple:
We listen. We learn. We create.

Usable Brand

A good logo is worth little
if you can't use it.

Our logos are hand-drawn from scratch in vector software, so your logo won't lose sharpness or shape regardless of how you want to use it.
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Brand Design

Product Packaging Design Samples

Designing Visuals for
Products that Sell

It's not just about looking nice. Sales require relevance, credibility, and tact.

Competitive analysis and market research are integral parts of our design process, so your product looks good and moves off the shelf.

The Concept of Packaging
as Your Best Outfit

Form may follow function in packaging, but it still plays a vital role.

Your product should be dressed to impress, much like a candidate at a job interview. We know how to help you make that lasting impression.
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Packaging Design

Illustration Samples

Solutions that are
Truly Unique

Stock illustrations are fast and easy. Trouble is, anyone can use the same images you've chosen.

We can create unique, custom illustrations that fit your needs precisely, and that belong exclusively to you.

More than Just

Our illustrative expertise spans a wide range of areas:

Product mockups, website headers, icons, schematics, flowcharts & graphs, technical drawings, cartoons, process illustrations, instructions and more.
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Custom Illustration

Digital Design Samples

Because it's Not All
About Paper

More companies are reducing their use of printed materials in favour of digital options.

We can design and build digital publications, product demonstrations, and presentations that stand out.

Boycott Boring

The intended purpose of visuals in business presentations is to engage, clarify, and maintain interest.

Kill the sleeping pill. We design custom PowerPoint and Keynote templates to breathe life back into your meetings.
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Digital Collateral

Custom Graphic Design Services

Business Design Services,
Tailored to You

It's very rare that we perform just one design service for a client.

If you need any combination of services, let us know upfront and we'll put together our best cost estimate based on what you need.

Ongoing Support for
Long Term Needs

Business design needs go far beyond building an initial brand.

Most clients opt to treat us as they would an in-house design department. You can get what you need as you need it, and pay one easy monthly bill.
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Custom Services

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