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Building a Brand based on Trust and Authenticity

CredibilityThe fields of branding and marketing have a credibility problem.

More often than not, consumers associate brand-speak with trickery, exaggeration, misdirection and outright deception. The sad thing is, I don’t blame them. A lot of brands are disingenuous. What those brand managers don’t realize is that tricking someone into buying once is far less profitable than earning customer loyalty and trust over the long term.

Investing in your Brand for the Long Haul

Branding is so much more than just looking good. You need to pick up where we leave off.

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Search Engine Tunnel Vision

SEM Tips“I want our site to be number one on Google”

The number of times a client has uttered those words to us (or a close variation on the theme) is somewhat staggering.

Sure, we all want it. And for certain parameters, we can get it for you. But while Search Engine Optimization is a very important component of both web development and your overall marketing platform, it cannot stand alone.

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Print is Not Dead

Green PrintingThe Green movement is in full swing, and in most ways it’s a very good thing. Marketing hype issues aside, many have worried aloud about the future of the printed word/image. With digital alternatives becoming increasingly pervasive, and former print industry leaders abandoning the page in favor of the screen, what’s to become of our beloved magazines and photo albums?

Luckily, in amongst the world of digital photo frames and web based magazines, the paper industry is taking notice and finally stepping up to the plate. Recycled paper has been around for a while, but as with any buzzword, use of the word ‘recycled’ doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot. It could be as little as 10% recycled material, added to the fact that the raw materials are such a small part of the whole picture.

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FSC Survey on Environmental Trade Purchasing

Do you consider the environmental impact of a product before purchasing? What percentage of your print jobs are on FSC-certified paper? Would you be interested in becoming a professional member of FSC? These are just some of the questions the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Canada is asking in our first ever survey of graphic designers, paper and print specifiers/buyers, paper merchants, printers and other marketing and communication professionals.

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A Good Host is Hard to Find

HostingOur first web host made a lot of promises, as they all do. Looking back, at the time I was pretty overwhelmed at the sheer number of hosting companies available, and besides the price and common-sense things like storage space and bandwidth, I wasn’t all that confident on what differentiated one from another.

It’s been several years now, and we’ve gone through several different hosting companies. Each one was slightly better than the last, but in the end, they all let us down in one way or another. The last host we used let our site and email go down for a whole week, all the while trying to convince me the problem was on my local machine… I’m not an idiot. Needless to say, we dropped them in a hurry.

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The History of Business Cards: Four Centuries of Introductions

Today business cards are so ubiquitous that in some countries they are traded with no formality or consequence, serving as nothing more than an internationally recognized way to exchange contact information or a handy bit of paper on which to jot a note. In other nations, however, particularly in Asia, the cards are regarded as an extension of the individual to be treated with honor and respect. The exchange of cards is attended with great ritual and a breech of protocol can give serious offense. How did a simple card, 3.370 x 2.125 inches come to play such a central role in the business cultural of the world? Depending on the sources consulted, the cards may actually have originated in China in the 15th century.

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Of All the Networks…

The sheer number of social and business networks vying for our membership these days can be overwhelming. A quick search for “business networking” yields over 33 million results…

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Building a Global Brand

In addition to taking advantage of outstanding growth opportunities, there are several factors driving the increasing interest in taking brands global…
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Compelling Brochure Copy – The Basics

It’s part of our job to educate our clients on the importance and advantages of excellent design. At the same time, it must be said that effective brochure composition requires more than (just) compelling design. In planning your promotional materials, you need to pay as much attention to content as you do to visuals – and vice versa.

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Using design in business

Design in business is much more than just catchy ads. You can use design to generate new ideas and turn them into innovative and competitive products and services, improve your business processes and strengthen and deepen your marketing approach.

If used systematically across your business, design can bring a range of measurable commercial benefits:

  • Improved sales and conversion rates
  • Improved market position
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • A stronger and more credible identity for your business
  • The ability to open up new markets

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