Form Meets Function

DesignHere’s another designer who’s taken an otherwise mundane everyday piece of equipment, and made it cool through creative re-conceptualization. In my books, ‘cool’ takes more than just making something pretty… it’s got to be smart too. The Donut Powerstrip by Ramei Keum meets these criteria. It is a very simple multi-socket power ‘bar’ that’s not just stylish (yes, a stylish extension cord), but gets big points for usefulness as each socket rotates freely and independently to allow any size adapter or plug assembly.

I have a few power blocks in my office. None of them can accomodate one plug per socket, since a good proportion of my gadgets use big bulky adapters. I hide them from view where possible. One has a fancy blue light, but it’s not really a design feature.

Ramei is shining a light on those overlooked everyday objects the design world seemed to have forgotten. In fact, his website is filled with simple yet intuitive concepts. In the same area of design, his ‘cord trap’ won the prestigious Red Dot design award last year. He’s even constructed a cool pendant from old clothes hangers brought back from the dry cleaners.


This all illustrates one of my favourite business models… merging the concepts of simple, useful, and sexy. Well, a power bar may not necessarily meet the ‘sexy’ criterion on its own, but in context when compared with what’s available on the market today, it’s pretty swank.

Don’t even get me started on his ‘soar’ sofa, which unlike the Donut, is currently available for order on his website… if you’ve got the dosh.

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